So, I made a comment a couple weeks ago about how Jalopnik and Oppo together have let me come to appreciate a lot of areas of automotive enthusiasm that I would not have otherwise been attracted to.

So yesterday, seeking to broaden my horizons further, I found a documentary about bicycling on Netflix. Nominally, it is on fixed gear bikes, or "fixies." If you haven't yet seen "Fixation," I would recommend it, in no small part because it is short. It might let you understand some similarities between the pursuit of a pure, direct, locomotion experience that fixie riders have with the Jalop ethos.

If you don't hold urban bike riders in high esteem, this movie will likely do little to change your mind. If you don't yet have revulsion and disdain for urban bike riders, you will find good reasons to start by watching this movie.

The smugness one would expect is there, and can be tolerated to a certain extent. There was actually less sense of entitlement and blind hatred of internal combustion engines than I have heard in person from West coast urban bikers in real life, so that's not really it.

Where it really gets rage-inducing is when they profile the "5FIX2" club (a play on the 562 area code in Los Angeles), who repeatedly describe their modus operandi as to get drunk and ride bikes around the city streets. There is even a point where a 5FIX2 member is describing how she answers people when they ask why not ride on the sidewalk, and she responds that, "they just don't understand, because that's illegal... whereas drinking and riding is... well, I guess that probably is too."


I really don't like to even think, much less say, that someone deserves to get in an accident, but the sense that these people have something bad coming to them truly becomes strong the longer you watch.

So anyway, it's like 40 minutes long and you'll probably learn something. There's a chance you'll find some new respect for certain slices of urban bike culture, but on the whole it will give you a lot more caution about street bikers, and not for the best reasons.