I was trying to replace the bearings on this wheelchair, but one of the bearing races was fused to the stem bolt.

Well, I tried to use a penetrating solvent and lock pliers to work it off, but all I succeeded in doing was removing the stem from the titanium frame. I had to cut the race off with a dremel.

But then what to do about the stem? The manufacturer told me the stem is factory installed and can’t be reinstalled. Game over. Of course, I’m not about to bin a $3K+ titanium frame over a bolt. I found out that it’s anchored in at the factory with green loctite. So, I put it back with red and let it cure.

After that, I just had to wait for the new bearing cassettes I ordered to come in (because they didn’t have the right size at my hardware store). I got them in this week, and pressed them in. Add new washers and lock nuts, and I’m back on the road.


This is how it’s supposed to be assembled:


Getting that locking clip (#4) between the bearings in and out was a monumental pain.