The dishwasher has been broken for a few days. No biggie, haven't generated a ton of dishes, and the little we did could be washed by hand. Since I have the day off because the temperature is somewhere between zero and -Russia, I took a gander at the damnable contraption.

Apparently, it's not well designed. The cable to the control knob doesn't so much plug in to the control assembly so much as it kind of mildly embraces the assembly. It's like the time you ran into your old girlfriend while you were with your current girlfriend, and you weren't sure if a hug was a good idea, but she did, and she's not so flat chested, and you really didn't know how bad this was going to cost you.

Well, the dishwasher didn't seem to know what it wanted to do either. Now it does.

Postscript; I also apparently live with the world's youngest teenager.

"Please don't touch the dishwasher while daddy's working on it"

*creeps over*

*nudges cover with foot*

*makes face at me*