Fixed a thing, broke a thing.

I finally found some time with good weather to do some mower maintenance. I dropped the deck, flipped it over for some cleaning, then removed the blades to be sharpened. They’re in bad enough shape to be replaced, but sharpening them will get me through a few more weeks. To keep the blades from spinning while I removed the bolt, I employed a pry bar as a wedge. Worked like a charm.

Notice the white just below the blade? That’s a woven polypropylene bag like a dog food bag or something similar. I have no idea how it got there, but it was wrapped around tight enough to jam the bearing. I tried digging it out with a variety of implements, but finally had to heat it until the plastic melted and oozed out. Then I had to repack the bearing with grease. It has a zerk fitting on the other end just for that.


The blades have suffered some serious abuse. My mom’s place was a bit rough and she didn’t take it easy on this machine when knocking down the growth.

We took a file to the leading edges until they were sharp. They aren’t pretty, but they will do until I get some new ones ordered.


Speaking of ordering parts, here’s what I broke:


I disconnected the link, but it got hung up when I backed the tractor over the mower deck. Dang thing snapped at the hole used for the front retainer clip.


The deck now sits on the ground on the front, but the deck has wheels up front to keep it from getting hung up, so I was able to move the mower into the back yard until I can get the replacement part.

I’m bummed, but the repair is cheap and easy. It should be ready for mowing next week!

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