Fixed it, with no swearing involved!

My wife’s ‘02 Explorer decided to not produce electricity about 80 miles from home last night. She calls me to say that warning lights for the battery are flashing, and the voltmeter is way at the low end. She manages to get it to the nearest rest area off the interstate, and it dies. I grab my son, and head off. A quick stop at Oreily’s to pick up a new battery, and we get there in a bit over 90 minutes. Change out the battery, and the beast fires right up. We get it back home, running only the fog lights (their really bright on this truck). Today, I tested the battery and alternator with a volt meter, and it’s showing less than optimal voltage. Back to the auto parts store, get re-manufactured unit, and install it. Pretty much an easy job. Three bolts, loosen the belt and in it goes. Getting the belt back on was a minor struggle, but all in all, much less a pain in the ass than I thought it might be. It always makes me feel good when a repair goes well. Bright spot in an otherwise dreary, depressing day. 


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