Fixed mom's focus.

My feels for this car accurately summed up in a 10 seconds clip.

Found the correct keys for the excact code ECU in the junkyard when i went to get a same-but-not-quite ECU as a last ditch, tore out the ECU, drove home, sawed open the anti-tamper cage(wow, something ford’s built properly!!), chucked it in after swapping key transponders and wham.


She bought a 100.000km Escort Mk6 1.6 from the dealership instead, old-man-owned since new, and it’s MINT save for a few choice rust spots, engine bay looks fresh and interior doesn’t reek of old smoker car like the focus, and now the focus will easily cover the expenses of buying that. The focus is leaving here ASAP before i listen to my urges and murder it.

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