Well, I decided to take the easy way out...

A few nights ago I reported that I drunkenly killed my 2008 unibody black MacBook. I finally got a bootable partition utility so I could reassign the active drive. Unfortunately, when I was drunkenly deleting partitions, I deleted files necessary for boot. At that point, the only way to boot would be to repair Windows using an installer DVD/USB. Lucky me, the one my MacBook couldn’t do is directly boot into a Windows installer! I should have modified the efi on this thing when I got it, but oops.


I traded the Rose Gold 64GB iPhone 6S in my phone stash for a 2011 MacBook Pro, which will arrive soon. I may make some money in the trade too, making it a very decent flip.

As for the 2008 MacBook, I’m going to have to put OS X back onto it (have to find a good OS X 10.7 torrent), then from there I can put Windows 10 back onto it. I’ll then create a Windows 10 recovery partition so this doesn’t happen again since the computer will not boot the install disk or USB.


I could also get the Windows installer to boot from Lubuntu, either way works.

In the meantime, I’ve already recovered the data off the 2008 MacBook using a Live USB of Ubuntu.


This keeps my Apple product count at 10. I guess for full disclosure, I also have almost the same amount in non-Apple devices.


Have a sweet Insight for your read!

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