I for about 2 years have been getting an intermittent low fuel pressure light on my โ€˜74 Spider. It would be fine when cold in the morning, but driving home at noon the light would flash. I believe the car has a light to protect you from running the Spica mechanical injection system dry which I would presume would damage it.

I diagnosed it through some intuition. I noted the rear electric fuel pump is silent when cold, but sounds gravely/rough when the light is on, I pinched off the discharge hose and noted no difference in sound. I pinched off the supply hose and it got worse. My theory, pump is starving and I am hearing cavitation or vapor from flashing fuel going through the pump. I turn on my air compressor and wrap a rag around the air chuck and put it in the tank, A quick hit of air and the pump quiets and the light shuts off, diagnosis confirmed


Since the tank was full, I squeezed off the line upstream of the filter and pulled the filter, I rapped the filted on the ground and you can see all the stuff that came out, I blew brake cleaner through it and got more of a fine gritty material. I re-installed the filter and it is good as new,

Iโ€™ll wrap this up with a mention of some of my favorite tools. First is my 20 year old or so track mat mechanics mat. It makes laying in the ground a lot more tolerable. One of my best presents ever. Also, I love my Showa gloves. Protects your hands and keeps them clean, Beat of all is they are so sensitive you can pull a dim out of your pocket with them on, They really are nice.ย