Recently I reported that the bike would shut down when sitting at a light after the tank had been filled to the brim. I had the wrong idea...

I now believe the reason that was happening was because the engine got momentarily hotter while sitting still. Sure enough, while waiting for a train to pass, the engine died. It then continued to die at every stop until reached my destination 10 minutes later. The tank was at half. I had a hunch that the PO set the idle screw based on a cold engine...

...Nope! The idle screw was set to the bare minimum setting. So basically once the automatic choke turned off, the engine tried to idle at basically no RPM.


5-ish turns later and it purrs like a loud cat. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it to die. Additionally, the friction zone on the clutch makes more sense and the engine sounds much less like a lawnmower as well.


Next on my list is to get my fourth smart’s transmission working. I have a week to move out of my storage unit and I’d rather not tow it out! All that’s stopping me is two bolts and the hope that the clutch actuator isn’t trashed.