Fixed the self-leveling headlight feature on the Jag

I didn’t take any pictures.


Against all odds, the system only had one fault: “Front axle level sensor signal - circuit failure”. The sensor was reading 100.01% with the rear reading more like 27%. Ok.... fair enough.

The downside of this is the headlights were pointed at 0mm adjustment. AKA “strait fucking down”, making the car undriveable at night.

A quick google search turned up a few sensors, but they were thin on the ground and expensive, around $120 and up.

Though that isn’t totally unreasonable, that seems like... a lot. Checking the local junk yards, none of them seemed to have S-Types listed, but they did have a handful of X-Types, which also came with HIDs. The sensors LOOKED the same, so to me it would stand to reason they would be the same.


My first trip to the junk yard was a failure. Of the three X-Types I checked, two had unremovable wheels due to stuck nuts and the one that already had the wheels removed I couldn’t find the sensor.

After looking up where it is on X-Types (nowhere near the same place as the S-Type!) I went back and checked all four. Three were, apparently, not equipped with self leveling features... but one was! $9 later I was in business.


Long story short (too late) after a lot of faffing around I got the new sensor installed and the headlights are self-adjusting again!

On to the next thing on the list....

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