fixed up my watch - a cheap but reliable watch

I love automatics but I don’t always wear a watch so my Tissot and Patek Fauxlippe are frequently stopped and I don’t necessarily want to wind them up in the morning when I’m running off to work.

I finally replaced the battery on my Timex - I don’t remember how long I’ve had this watch but it was a birthday gift from my dad which I got several years ago. Indigo stopped working years ago as well but it turns out that it was the battery. I guess Indiglo stops working long, long before the quartz movement actually stops; I actually thought the backlight was broken.


Not sure what happened to the metal strap that I had for it but I personally prefer leather/nylon for a watch strap. Consequently, I’ve ordered a new set of NATO straps from Amazon which I should receive tomorrow. I will provide an update for my fellow Oppo watch enthusiasts.

Also, it turns out these pop-off case backs are much, much more difficult to put back on than they are to take off. I channeled my inner Clarkson and used my trusty hammer to get it back on (but probably not in the way you’re thinking).

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