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Fixing a thief's damage to my car...

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I'm hoping that the collective intelligence of Oppo will know the answer to my query – is the damage (pictured) to my car (2006 Civic) easily fixed?


A few years ago, some douchecanoe broke into my car to steal my old stereo that he probably got $25 for at a pawn shop. He got into the car by breaking one of the rear windows using the bar that separates the moving and fixed portions of the glass as a spot to insert a lever of some kind. Breaking the window by shoving a tool into that gap bent the bar enough to crack the paint.

From this angle it's hard to see, but the bar is visibly bent, so I think I'd prefer to get it repaired, not just repainted to fix the rust. Can that section be cut out and a new section welded in, or will that just end up leaking water and not ever looking right? Is a paint-only repair the best option (given that it doesn't currently leak)? How much is all of this going to cost me?

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