In our last installment of $1000 Corolla fun I had replaced the engine mounts, flushed the radiator... and broke my A/C :S

While removing the radiator I broke a bolt, while removing the broken bolt I drilled into my A/C condenser.

So new condenser acquired ($61) from Amazon. I did shop around, but this was cheapest for a new part, and for A/C it felt new part was best option as the system can be sensitive to dirt, corrosion, or moisture.


Then car up on jacks, pic is from the last project, but process the same

Then annoyingly, step one is remove the radiator, luckily I had bought 2 gallons of pre-mix coolant last time, and only needed one. So I had a spare! oh yeah!

I did need a little special a/c oil to put in the system before sealing it up ($10). Not bad, but I had to buy 8oz of it, and used less than 2. Anyone want to buy 6oz of A/C oil? :D


The off to my local mechanic, and by local I mean the guy that I pass every day on my dog walks. It was $145 to do the vacuum test (which I passed, happily, as one is always concerned when a real mechanic is double checking your home mechanic-ing) and recharge the a/c system.

Guy was super nice, and we both shared a chuckle over my mistake. He was explaining how if any leaks were found (as I assume most of his customer are the sort that don’t know why their a/c has no juice) there may be additional costs. So I explained how I knew where the leak was, and how is SHOULD now be resolved.


A couple hours later my son, my dog, and I all wandered over to pickup the car. I’m going to deduct $0.50 from the running cost because they gave my kid chips and candy :D


No chips for you pup.

So where are we now?


Frustrating that my own error has kicked the cost up, but still a cheap car so far.

It’s time for another oil change, and I’ll do a thorough wash, but then she’s up for sale, because I just bought one of these..


I’m flying out to Chicago to pick it up Jan-25th, so it’d be nice if the Corolla is sold by then. I had been hoping to get ~$2500 but looking at the current market and prior offers I think $2200 is more realistic. Either way, that’d make it a free car to have owned.

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