So yeah - I put the wrong radiator in my brother's Pontiac Grand Prix. He has a 2004 GTP Comp G with the supercharged L32, and I put the radiator for a naturally aspirated L26 engine in it. The end tanks are the same, but the L26 radiator's core is 5/8" thick and the L32 core is a full 1" thick.

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Hopefully this will resolve the "slow overheating" issues. The car would get up to 220 degrees (the temperature that the fans kick in) even when you weren't pushing it. I got it to 220 with the thermostat removed running it in Neutral at ~2000 RPM without it throwing a P0128 (thermostat problem) code, so it seems pretty clear that the thinner radiator isn't cooling well enough.

I'm planning on doing a thorough flush and swapping to Peak Global Lifetime (yellow) coolant instead of Dex Cool. We did the lower intake manifold and supercharger gaskets about a month ago.


I feel really bad about leaving my brother with a car he's afraid to drive. I hope I can make it up to him somehow.

Insert obligatory comment about getting someone with the handle "NaturallyAspirated" to work on your supercharged car.

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