Haven’t posted in a while, so I’ll post a golf cart update. It’s my new used 1990 EZGO Marathon 2-cyl gas golf cart. I got it two Fridays ago, and it broke down after just 3 days. That doesn’t surprise me though, since I’m technically 3 years older than it.

A ground wire was bad; my gpa tugged on it and it completely fell out. We also replaced some connections to the solenoid as well. If I saw something i didn’t know, I played 20 questions with my gpa. I seriously don’t know this stuff, and the setup is quite different from a car I believe (the clutch itself and how it works, I think, is fascinating...but no one here shares my excitement). But it’s still interesting on how it’s all put together and how it operates in harmony.


Right now, the cart is working but the new battery isn’t charging when it’s running. So last night my gpa and I took to looking at old wiring diagrams (did I mention he’s an electrician?), looking for anything missing.

Whoever played under the hood before, took some interesting liberties. They connected the + from the regulator to the ground of the coil, which I thought was strange. And when I say connected I mean loosely jam it into the connection, it easily popped out. Then they connected it to the wrong post on the solenoid. We disconnected the + wire and added new wire to the correct post, and we’re now playing the waiting game to see if it charges the battery.

Besides that, there’s the issue of when you get to the top speed, you lose all power to the wheels, and you will just drift til it ‘catches’ again. But I do have a hunch on that, that it’s the clutch itself. The clutch looks like a big metal drum, and there happens to be a slit-like hole on it with a part slightly sticking put, shown below.


See, the clutch is suppose to work like this, when the accelerator is pressed down the clutch moves toward the body of the engine, tigthening the belt between the two plates. What I think is happening, is that when I get to top speed, something happens and the clutch is re-opened, creating slack on the belt (the one to the rear wheels), thus making me loose my speed.

I’m thinking that, perhaps when it spins after X amount of time, the clutch wobbles and opens up again. That slit might make it uneven, thus throwing it out of balance. But this is just a theory. The slit like that, I think, shouldn’t cause any issues, but who knows? I have to put it on cement blocks and experiment.


Regardless, I’m learning a lot here on this project. And there isn’t too much under the hood to over complicate things. And I get a fun, mid-engine, rwd, 4-seater vehicle to use, which is very convenient and fun. I even love how obnoxiously loud it is, despite the muffler. I’m the only one who enjoys the sound though, :).