If you’ve followed my Mirage journey over the last two years, you know I love the car. However I’ve always complained about two things. Handling and braking. Well... one of those two are being addressed next weekend.

After much digging, I’ve learned Power Stop offers the Z23 carbon kevlar upgraded front pads for the Mirage. Those have been ordered. To compliment those pads I’ve also ordered some Eline slotted Geomet coated rotors. My front rotors are definitely warped so this is the perfect excuse to upgrade.

Additionally I’ve ordered a can of ATE Typ 200 brake fluid. This is literally super blue without the color. I used it in my Veloster that had a pretty serious auto x focused build and loved it. The pedal feel leaves a bit to be desired in the Mirage and this likely will alleviate much of that.


The factory brakes are sufficient, but I want something that stops exactly the way I need it to. This is a very light car so this is step one. Step two in braking is converting the rear drums to a disc setup and that’s also in the works.

Stay tuned!

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