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Fixing Wheels: Step 1

I acquired a set of WS6 wheels about 9 months ago, now that I’m back I’m working on them again. Since the wheels are not so polished aluminum with a cloudy UV damaged clear coat, they need to be stripped.

These things are pretty ragged, between wheel rash and missing clear, but they were cheap so I’m willing to try to save them.


Best wheel


(don’t worry, I put on shoes before playing with chemicals)


I took the worst wheel to a shop and got the lip fixed, which is why it’s sans tire. Oh yeah, none of the tires matched and were mixed 245 and 255 section width, which makes no sense as 275s were stock. I’ll be buying 275s if they’re ever when they’re finished.


Avoid this stuff, it’s really nasty. I’d already done this once, but I wanted to get them as clean as possible before repair and polishing.

Are there any really good Oppo posts about polishing wheels?

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