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FLAGS - A reminder

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Just a reminder that flags aren't for when you just don't like a comment, that's the dismiss button. Flag for these reasons:

  • Harassment: Attacks against an individual user. Includes intimidation, threats, doxing, and posting graphic images
  • Hate Speech: Attacks against a group of people based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits
  • Spam: Replies that are irrelevant to the conversation and typically include links to an external website

More from Kinja here or from your mod team here.


Long story short -

  1. Can you ignore it? Then do so.
  2. Is it irrelevant and it bothers you? Dismiss it.
  3. Is it Harassment, Hate Speech or Spam? Flag it.
  4. Is it requiring immediate attention from the mods? Flag, Dismiss and email/notify the mods.

I clear quite a few comments each day that are dumb comments that deserve at best and eye roll and at worst a dismiss.

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