Silicon Valley had just given birth to Yahoo, OJ is acquitted and the Ford Taurus outsold the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord.

Welcome to 1995!

The image above is a list of the best-selling 15 cars in America in 1995.

Three of the brands on that list are no longer with us; Pontiac, Plymouth and Saturn.

Ford’s Ranger and Escort nameplates have also been retired and Chrysler divorced Dodge from Ram.

Fast forward seventeen years and those numbers really don’t change all that much.
Below is a list of the top 10 bestselling vehicles in America from 2012. In 1995 we were just as addicted to trucks as we are today. Truck yeah!

Ford F-Series 645,316
Chevrolet Silverado 418,312
Toyota Camry 404,886
Honda Accord 331,872
Honda Civic 317,909
Nissan Altima 302,934
Ram pickup 293,363
Toyota Corolla 290,947
Honda CR-V 281,652
Ford Escape 261,008


The Ford Taurus, the best-selling car of 1995, only sold 66,066 models in 2012. In contrast the Ford Fusion, a car that in many respects offers everything if not more than the modern Taurus at a lower price, sold a total of 241,263 units in 2012.

In 1995 there were 14.8M cars sold in the US and in 2012 that number stood at 14.4M. During that period US cars sales peaked in 2000 at 17.4M and hit a low in 2009 of 10.4M.

What’s my point? There isn’t one.

Occasionally I just like to flip back to earlier chapters in the book of automotive times past. It’s a nice escape from the modern always-on way of life.