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Flashback time

Dear heavens this took me back. Spotted at a Half Price Books outlet in Bloomington, Indiana.

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Can anyone guess the year without looking it up? Here’s a hint: the web shows up in chapter thirteen, eight chapters after telnet.

This book was published about the same time I was working at Waldensoftware (I bought a copy while I worked there), which I doubt many of you knew ever existed. Blink and you missed it. Heck probably half of you don’t remember Waldenbooks.


Their software outlets offered NetWare, new multi-media ready PCs, and a new line of books that launched with a first title PCs for Dummies. (I was excited a few years later to see Wine for Dummies, until I realized it wasn’t about the Windows emulator.)

I had never seen such a lineup of serious computer titles. Database theory, object-oriented design...for a nerd like me it was heavenly, and the 30% discount was enough to ensure most of my paychecks went straight back to books.


I did regret not taking advantage of that to pick up a copy of the OED, but now I’m glad I don’t have to keep taking that with me as I move homes. I have one of the Compact editions anyway.

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