Flashback to my first hillclimb event

It rained THE ENTIRE TIME. That’s my car, and my tiny little tent that I slept in. This was a small hillclimb time trial event that I participated in back in 2016. It was called the Brack Classic Hillclimb and it happened in Ontario.


Notably, my car didn’t have any windshield wipers or defrost system so this was completely terrifying. I had never driven this car in a race setting before and I had never driven it in the rain before.

I recall that I came pretty much in last place and I just idled it up the hill, fearful from the lack of visibility. I only got one run throughout the day.


But through that mess I learned two things: I liked racing and I liked camping. And to this day some three years later I still do both regularly in my Corvette.

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