Illustration: Toyota (I think?

So the Times has an article on headlight flashing:

Basically says not to do so in most cases, but I’m curious as to when Oppo does so.

For me, I hit them when:

  • An oncoming car has its high beams on (though it can be hard to tell these days so I err on the side of just being blinded)
  • A car has no lights on at night
  • A truck wants to change into my lane (or really any vehicle that appears to not be able to tell if there is enough room)
  • There’s a reason to warn oncoming drivers about a situation ahead (strangely the article quotes a AAA guy as recommending doing this at night by turning your lights off instead, which seems nuts, I want my lights on at night).


So how does Oppo flash their high-beams?

Link in case Kinja: