Flat Track XR650L: Rough Mock Up is Looking Pretty Good.

Since I’m still waiting for parts for the fork I figured I would start working on the ass end of the bike. Let’s just say removing the shock was much more work than I had anticipated. I had to remove the airbox,muffler,all the rear swingarm linkage,and a bunch of other random crap.

As it sits right now it is roughly 4" lower than stock and it feels pretty good right there so I think 4" will be enough and no need to go down 5" like originally planed.

The swingarm leverage ratio on the XR650L is 4:1 so it makes it real easy to figure out what to do. If you want to lower the bike 4" then either shorten the factory shock by one inch(this is what I’ll be doing) or instal a 1" shorter shock from a different bike.


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