Flathead County MT Police Blotter, Number 22 will shock you

Reckless drivers were reportedly sighted on Baker Avenue by someone who said there were a lot of vehicles speeding up and down the road and requested that Whitefish Police Department “stop these idiots from killing critters.”

Police responded to a disturbance on Wisconsin Avenue when a man’s girlfriend allegedly slapped him. The man was described as being “very sensitive about signing the wrong restaurant tab and being ‘cheap,’” and may have been “flying off the handle.”

Someone on Three Mile Drive in Kalispell told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office that a little old lady was swerving across the road and ran a red light.


An allegedly intoxicated driver on West Second Street in Whitefish was arrested after she was spotted allegedly swerving all over the road, without her vehicle lights on.

At least three people called officers to check on a woman wearing pajamas who was sitting on a guardrail. The woman reportedly told officers her boyfriend had kicked out of a moving car.

Officers responded to a report on Deer Trail in Whitefish that a man, who was yelling, reportedly went inside a residence to get a pistol and then started walking toward a woman who got out of a vehicle and ran down the road trying to find a house to let her in. Officers located the man and arrested him for assault with a weapon.

Officers responded to a call that someone was in the water yelling for help on Lutheran Camp Road in Lakeside. The person, who had fallen out of either a kayak or canoe, made it to shore before officers arrived.


Someone on Sandy Hill Terrace in Columbia Falls spotted 10 cows in an area where cows aren’t supposed to roam freely. The rambling cows were rounded up and pushed back to the pasture they belonged in.

A Green Tree Road resident in Kalispell was unnerved after an unknown man reportedly opened her front door. When asked why he was there the man said he was there to pick up someone named Jason. Extra patrol was requested.


Someone was worried that a man “who makes people uncomfortable” at a Tally Lake campground may be dangerous because he allegedly showed a gun to kids and then told another man that he was building a bomb.

Officers explained to a caller on Juniper Way in Whitefish that it was not against the law for a person to have security cameras pointing toward another person’s property “as long as they are viewing an area that is not concealed from view.” The caller explained that a guest had allegedly “lost it” and took down someone’s camera and the memory card it contained after learning the camera allegedly pointed toward the caller’s deck where the guest’s children had been dancing in their underwear.


A pickup truck pulling an excavator was reportedly seen swerving on U.S. 93 South in Kalispell and almost “took out” several vehicles.

Numerous vehicles parked near a bridge that a group of juveniles were allegedly jumping off of were causing a hazard, but the juveniles reportedly wouldn’t get out of the way for traffic trying to get across.


A Poplar Drive resident in Kalispell requested extra patrol after telling officers that a neighbor had chased an alleged “tweaker” out of his or her shed with a baseball bat.

A vehicle reportedly engaged in road rage on Montana 35 in Kalispell after tailgating another vehicle, passing and break-checking it before a female passenger screamed something like “go back to Illinois.”


In a separate road rage incident, a man on Montana 35 in Bigfork was supposedly trying to get another vehicle to pull over and fight after reportedly flipping off the other vehicle and pulling in front of it with the blinker on.

A shirtless man allegedly “took a swing” at another man over mowing responsibilities — or the lack thereof — of a Collier Lane property in Kalispell.


Kalispell Police Department responded to a report from a passer-by who saw a group of people banging on a vehicle’s car windows, kicking at the car and trying to pull out the driver. A man was allegedly seen hitting a woman in the face, breaking her nose and causing bleeding. A younger man received an assault and disorderly citation and was released to his father.

Someone told police he or she was concerned for the welfare of a “diaper-aged” child who was with four or five people in front of a bar who were described as “shady looking bums that were harassing patrons,” but would not elaborate.


Police responded to a report of a man yelling “B—— I will cut you both” followed by the sound of several bangs. Apparently it was all coming form an action movie that kids were watching. The kids were advised to keep it down.

Foreign exchange students who were allegedly selling educational books door to door wanted to inform police about their presence in case officers received phone calls about them.


A man sleeping in someone’s yard allegedly got up and peed on a vehicle.

Do not pee on the XT

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