Flea Market Steals (Both Literally and Non-Literally) *Edited*

Bought these at the Avenel Flea Market today in Avenel, NJ. Got them both for $7. One of them is for a 1M, the other is for the 6-series


In related news, I was accused of stealing at the market. This one Asian guy from a stand I went to earlier (where he was just staring at me while I was looking at weird phone cases) reaches in my pocket and pulls out a pair of those weird fake AirPods I found on the floor near a garbage can, and accuses me of stealing them from his booth. I explain the situation to him and point out the fact that I wouldn’t need to steal them, because I was wearing Beats Studio 2 Wirelesses and had real AirPods in my other pocket. He threatens to call the police (right, the man selling counterfeit goods wants to call the cops on an honor student at a flea market.) I tell him to call them and leave, because I had a day planned with my grandma today and couldn’t deal with this nonsense)

You know what, call me crazy, but me thinks this wouldn’t have happened if my skin was more fair

Edit, other finds:


2007 White MacBook: Found in a trash can at the flee market, had RAM issue which I replaced with two sticks I had laying around, already sold it to a family member for $150


Heavily worn Toddlers’ Jordan 12 for $2. For those who don’t know, I restore shoes and sell them on eBay, and after these are restored, I have an easy $70 profit

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