We pulled the trigger on the Santa Fe on Sunday. Guy wanted $2000 but took $1800. MrsGolem and LittleGolem are in love. Brought it home, Svended it to the best of my abilities (the floor mats are spending some time in the sun to dry) and added a cassette aux adapter. Just needs a USB charger, plates and insurance.

Big Blue looking resplendent,
Photo: CalzoneGolem
Forest and Big Blue. Our outside cars.
Photo: CalzoneGolem
The window sticker
Photo: CalzoneGolem
This is what swayed me. A big stack of preventative maintenance
Photo: CalzoneGolem

The good

  • Under budget
  • Stack of maintenance receipts of stuff done at a Hyundai dealer
  • Timing belt has ~20k before it needs to be changed.
  • Drive train is super smooth
  • Suspension is great. Brand new struts upfront. Rear springs in good shape.
  • Brakes freshly serviced
  • Wife and daughter love it.

The bad

  • Slight leak at transmission cooler
  • Rear suspension rustier than I’d like.
  • Moon roof doesn’t open
  • Center console cover missing
  • Plastic cover missing on driver’s seat belt latch
  • Gas shocks holding rear glass barely hold glass open. 

With the proper love and care this old gal should last us a couple years. The wife is itching to buy a new Soul. If this lasts LittleGolem the rest of high school I’ll be pleased. Then maybe my wife will get a new Soul and pass her old Soul on. 

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