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Meet Punkin spice a 2020 Kia Soul in Mars Orange
Photo: calzonegolem
This weird brake light hoop made my wife not want this. It being cheaper than a 2019 and oh so smooth changed her mind
Photo: calzonegolem
I love this little detail. Forest says “Hi!”
Photo: calzonegolem

The 2013 Soul has been officially named The Toaster and has been passed on to LittleGolem she is pleased.

For 2020 Kia has dropped the 1.6 and the 6 speed auto for what they call an IVT which is a CVT with a different name. My wife is in love. The extra .4L the smooth CVT, Android Auto and so comfy seats combine to make her love Punkin Spice in a way she never could love The Toaster

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