i wish...

After crunching the numbers... Again... (projected disposable income, house stuff, other financial stuff NSFOppo, and so on), I still cannot find a way to justify a purchase a Big Boi vehicle in the near future. They say insanity is doing the same thing over again, expecting a different outcome against all logic and history. Well, I am one crazy bastard.

As a brief refresher, I am basically looking at a 2UZ-equipped vehicle for some potential towing and a lot of glamping. This includes the old Tundra, 100-series LC, V8 4Runner, and a GX470.


The Tundra makes the most sense because it’s got a bed and such, and is typically the most affordable of the bunch thus the better value with it’s higher utility. But I can’t seem to talk myself out of a Land Cruiser.

It’s by far the most expensive option, tows less (I really don’t see myself towing much but my wife seems to think we will someday), and gets the worst fuel economy. However, it is also a Land Cruiser!

I’ve driven a 2004 Tundra Limited and thought very highly of it. Maybe I should drive a Land Cruiser soon and just hope I hate it... But we all know I’m not gonna hate it.


Two years ago I bought a Tercel. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get a 2006 Land Cruiser. Life is strange.