For the last two weeks, I’ve been running around, trying to get the house ready for my/our big Halloween party. That party has passed, and now I feel at liberty to once again start working on the cars. As is proper, I figured I would start by making a list of everything that needs doing, and go from there.

The Saab

One of those holes represents a massive vacuum leak.

Following it’s mildly successful journey to McAlester, which ended on the back of a tow truck, the Saab hasn’t been getting much love. I did find that the idle air control screw went AWOL, and is not exactly easy to find, so I replaced it with a normal bolt for now. Also I did some work on the distributor wiring harness. Additionally, when troubleshooting during the drive, I discovered the distributor is full of oil. Shit.

  1. Find and fix vacuum leak
  2. Rehab distributor hall sensor connection and harness
  3. Replace distributor o-ring
  4. Rehab/ clean distributor
  5. Replace cap and rotor
  6. Install hot start relay
  7. (If needed) Pull fuel pump and attach feed extender
  8. (If above) Confirm feed pump operation
  9. (If above) replace feed pump strainer
  10. (If above) shore up fuel pump donut

Not a small list, but everything is pretty minor

The Disco

My poor Disco hasn’t been getting much love after it got back from our cheap car challenge. I’ve taken it offroad a couple of times, changed the transmission fluid, done some fluid changes, and a few other things, but mostly have been putting it off in favor of working on the Saab. Sadly, it has a growing list of needs that have to be addressed sooner than later, including the dreaded “Three Amigos,” a fault with the ABS which causes warning lights for the ABS, Traction Control, and Hill Descent mode to turn on simultaneously, which cropped up a few weeks ago. Luckily, after buying a new code scanner, it looks to be an electrical problem which is readily solved with some wiring harness modification. Unfortunately until this is fixed I’m essentially driving a one-wheel-drive Land Rover.

  1. Diagnose Three Amigos
  2. Fix the Three Amigos - Shuttle valve wiring modification
  3. Buff out roof paint burns (if possible)
  4. Fix Driver’s Door Lock (key)
  5. Replace front passenger’s door latch
  6. Replace rear passenger’s door latch
  7. Replace (you guessed it) rear driver’s side door latch
  8. Full detail
  9. Reinstate center diff lock

The Alfa

Safe, but lonely .

Even more neglected than the Rover, the Alfa has been in storage since work began to repair the garage. With the Saab (formally) running, the plan was to retrieve it last week, but that went sideways. Pending work wrapping up on the Saab, the Alfa needs: lonely

  1. Head retorqued
  2. Oil-Vapor Separator checked/ bypassed
  3. Diagnose and repair hard start issue
  4. Body work
  5. Rehab and fit new wheels

The Volvo

Hard to see, but the factory rubber is starting to spider badly.

Even the Volvo needs something, albeit minor. I “missed” a service that was technically covered under my service plan (long story) and I need to catch up, but lazy.

  1. New tires (on order)
  2. Replace cabin air filter
  3. Brake fluid flush


I need about 4 more hours in the day. That should take care of it.

I really just want to take a week to play video games, but winter will be here soon enough and it’ll be too cold to really wrench...

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