Fleet update...

Buffer picture - sunset from Duck, NC on vacation last week. Even though it is an island, and I detest sand, it was a good vacation.

Now fleet update - I have one of the most un-jalop fleets right now.

My daily driver - 2015 Suburban LTZ. Bought used after we lost a minivan to Harvey last year. I really like it overall, but I have a long daily commute and I’m starting to not love the driver seat comfort. The leased BMW was turned in July 6 (after the local collision place did an amazing job repairing it when my wife was in a fender bender two weeks before turn in date).


Wife’s daily - 2015 Nissan Pathfinder (yes, the crossover one). It is brown though, so it may be my most jalop vehicle.

Third car (used by our afternoon help when picking up kids) - 2014 Chrysler T&C minivan. This is my third one (yeah, I live in a flood plain) and they are great utilitarian vehicles, especially if you have 4 kids ages 8-12.

Oh well, back to browsing local CL ads for what I can convince the wife is a reasonable project car.

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