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The weird thing about having five cars is when very few of them are operable. This must be what David Tracy feels like all the time! Since I’m having trouble keeping up with it, I figured a fleet status update would be amusing.

  1. 2013 Volvo C30 – At the Volvo dealer with a possibly failed ECU
  2. 2001 Land Rover Discovery – On jack stands in the garage, waiting on a part before the drive shaft can be put back in. Parts
  3. 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider – Running and driving! But trapped by the Land Rover. Also it is cold and that thing doesn’t have a working blower fan.
  4. 1986 Honda Civic Wagon – Technically running and driving, but can’t run at high throttle for very long without dying. OK in-town, but not recommended for highway travel or anywhere where a hill needs to be traversed at any speed. Waiting on parts.
  5. 1984 Saab 900 Turbo – Operational and currently my “daily driver”. Has an occasional miss under load, likely due to oil contamination in the distributor cap, but drive-able as-is.

So yeah…. Shit.

A ton of parts will be here on Wednesday for both the Civic and the Land Rover, so at least there is that. In the interim there is plenty to go on the Land Rover, though I might try adjusting the float on the Civic’s carburetor, as suggested by ITA97, and see if that gets me up to two cars.


In a pinch I could put the Disco’s drive shaft back in, but then I’d have to take it out again sooner rather than later.


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