Fleet update

So, Lets re count what bikes and what condition:

Newest addition: 1992 Honda CBR250RR
status: leaks fork oil. need brakes, suspension, tires, exhaust system. The body work

Project: 1994 Honda VFR 750

status: Apart. Leaks fuel at the carbs. booked in for suspension work. Needs front head bearing, chain, body work back on. But its surprisingly close to being done...


touring: 2008 Honda CBF1000.

status: 100% running. She needs an oil change soon, but its only got 6K km on it. (doubled what it had when I got it)

track bike: 2009 (08?) Suzuki SV650 S

status: for sale. Just about a push button track rat. It aint pretty. but CBR forks/brakes, olhins steering damper and rear shock...there is a bit of mney in this thing


and last but not least; the TWO triumph daytonas.

black nose is a 2006 675 which is slated to be my NEW track bike, blue is a 2011 675 that is my current daily

06 status: needs fork seals, and I think I’m just going to get track bodywork, fuck it.

11 status: Weird vibration in the front end, and leaking a bit of oil from the counter shaft cover. also lost a body work bolt today. Oh well. Valve check is about due as well if I am honest.


So who is missing?

My 2013 Z1000 Se sold a few weeks ago. I’ll miss that wheelie monster. I wont miss the fuel consumption, tire consumption, lack of wind protection, or the weight.

The 2015 CBR300R that I had as a back up for the daytona was sold to my friend, as the 250RR takes over its duties.

Everyone else, BIKE UPDATES! 

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