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Fleet update: can I fit four people and a dog in a Miata?

Planning a trip to my mother in law’s by a lake. Gonna take the truck to start moving things out of our house (we’re going to knock it down and rebuild). Plus, the lake has a remote beach to take the doggo, really only accessible by truck or jeep. Notice a tire low, grab the pump. Pull the pump off and get a hurricane of wind out at me. Valve stem fucked. The Leaf has both key fobs out of batteries. The pilot is on expired registration, needs an oil change and a transmission fluid flush. The only fully operational vehicle is the Miata. God damn it.

Sitting now at a shop after a quick trip to Advance Auto to grab the new valve stem. Hopefully salvage the day.


Also, the our home builder mentioned mountain biking, so I brought it up with him, as I used to ride a bit. This badass is doing hundred miles rides over the weekends. Cross country through Shenandoah and blue ridge. I check the calf muscles and yup: builder is a badass.

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