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Flesh Feast

I get an RSS feed from a website that posts old photographs, and today they had a post about the 1940s actress Veronica Lake. I headed over to Wikipedia to read a bit about her. She was huge for a short time, but alcoholism caused her to lose work. She attempted a comeback, but it didn’t work out, and her final film was a horror movie called Flesh Feast, filmed in 1967 but not released until 1970, in which Lake portrays Dr. Elaine Frederick. The first synopsis comes from IMDB. The second from Wikipedia. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Dr. Elaine Frederick has just perfected a way of using maggots to make her test subjects not only look younger, but actually become younger. When they hear of the results of her experiments, her first clients, a team of hispanic neo-nazis, are delighted with the news. It seems they have a very elderly VIP in their group who needs to be rejuvenated before he can begin rebuilding his thousand-year reich. As their plan moves toward its completion, Dr. Frederick’s habit of experimenting on stolen corpses begins to attract the attention of an investigative reporter.

Lake plays Dr. Elaine Frederick, a mad scientist working on developing maggots that prefer human flesh, while her services are used to make a clone of Adolf Hitler. She cooperates with the plan to resurrect Hitler as a way of exacting revenge for the death of her parents, political prisoners executed in a concentration camp. While convincing everyone the flesh-eating maggots are for regeneration research, she simply wants to throw them in the resurrected Hitler’s face, which she does.


Well. Okay then. Anybody out there ever seen this film? Here’s the denouement of the drama.

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