I had an idea as I heard a C2 Vette lumpa lumpa its was across the parking lot not long ago. That great organic lumpy cam noise is a result of having to choose a cam lift profile that suits high rpm breathing. It doesn’t really make sense anymore with today’s variable camming technology which is why its not used OE, not to mention the streetabily and emissions of such a cam.

but it got me thinking, couldn’t a manufacture utilize variable cam profile to do this on command? Switch to a “flex” mode and the cam is locked into its high lift/duration cam profile up to, say 10 mph just for showing off a little? You would need a way to affect lift and duration which is tough with cam in block but you could do with DOHC motors like Ford has going on. What are the downsides? Seems like this would be right up Dodge’s alley if you could do it with cam in block. I mean truthfully isn’t owning a challenger about showing off anyway?