It poured last Saturday. Which is great because it washed all of the salt and garbage off of the road, then it dried up the next day. So Sunday I parked the 02 in my parents garage and dusted off the M3. A magnificent car is being neglected and I mean to put an end to it.

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It’s brisk but sunny in the Philadelphia area today so I got my stuff together a little early, shuffled the cars around and took the M3 to work. On the short ride from my parents house to my house I noticed slight flat spots... I figured they would work out as I don’t think these tires are much good under 40 degrees F and it’s 26 now. Highway speeds and a couple of sweeping turns later they feel fine.

I let that s54 come within a nipple flick of the red line a few times. I like to make sure to always wring this car out at least once because ya know, sounds and feels. Also the car seems to appreciate it.


This car always gives me that “coming home” feeling. The way aging BMW leather smells like crayons, the familiar feel of the clutch and shifter, and the general “HOLY SHIT THIS CAR IS AWESOME” feeling that 22 year old me had 13 years ago has not faded.

I have been living the vintage/dad whip life for what seems like a long time at this point. I’m not complaining, the 02 is the most fun I have ever had on public roads while obeying the speed limit. The Alltrack is nice/new/safe. Neither car is what I would call “fast”.


It has been a while since I have driven something that is both fast and familiar to me. “Not in this car!” I thought, as I buried some Infiniti thing that decided to try an muscle me out last minute as I was merging.

“Thanks car.” I said as I stepped out. “Thanks for always working and driving so good.” I parked in our small but growing “enthusiast” section:

991 C4S
Toyota 86
Saturn Sky Redline
Cayman S
70's Buick skylark ragtop, money green interior (seasonal)


Anyway, more to come on this car weather you like it or not.

Happy Thursday!

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