Its been over a month since Flight Club launched and I wanted to express some of my observations. I was pretty excited back when rumors first started circulating that Hardibro was taking planelopnik to the next level.

I might be a little more biased than most of Oppo since I'm involved in aviation and my contributions mainly revolve around airplanes. So I had pretty high hopes for Flight Club.

I think Paul Thompson is a good writer, and he might have a big social media outlet but his style doesn't exactly match some of his Jalopnik counterparts that I really enjoy, and it seems that 90% of the Flight Club content is on airlines or airliners. I realize that MH370 came along at the right time, and there's nothing wrong with taking some advantage over a press frenzy, but I guess I was hoping for a more eclectic range of aviation articles that was more on par with what I'd expect to read on Jalopnik FP. I'm finding that Foxtrot Alpha seems to have more interesting aviation articles than Flight Club, but is obviously limited to military aircraft, and I'm not sure if Paul is active on Oppo like most of the other writers.

What do you think?