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Flightline: 4/TBD

English Electric Lightning F.2 interceptors of No. 92 Sqn
English Electric Lightning F.2 interceptors of No. 92 Sqn
Photo: M.O.D.

RAF Leconfield, circa 1965

Located on the North Sea coast, approximately half-way between London and Edinburgh, RAF Leconfield was established in 1936, with No. 166 Squadron flying Handley Page Heyfords for Bomber Command. By the beginning of WWII, the squadron had been re-equipped with Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bombers, with ten aircraft penetrating German airspace for the first time in September of ‘39. By October of that year No. 166 had moved to RAF Abingdon, and Leconfield was transferred to Fighter Command, and was used as a temporary station for many squadrons, including Polish No. 302 and 303 Sqns.


After the war, Leconfield was the home of the RAF’s Central Gunnery School (later the Fighter Weapons School), as well at the No. 275 SAR squadron. By 1962 No. 19 Sqn and No. 92 Sqn arrived with EE Lightning F.2s, though both transferred to RAF Gütersloh by 1968. The field was then home to No. 60MU. responsible for servicing the Lightning.

By 1977 RAF Leconfield had been reallocated to the British Army, and became home to the Army School of Mechanical Transport (later the Defense School of Transport).

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