Inspired by an observation I’ve made I’m going to buy a convertible. To resell. Which one would be best?

Yesterday I spotted a familiar to me convertible. It had been offered on an obscure site, got sold, and is now offered on a more popular auction site (not ebay). The highest bid was twice what the original asking price by the previous seller was. The new owner left the car untouched, he merely photographed it better. That inspired me.


I’ve picked three cheap convertibles in my area that seem like great candidates. My question is: which one would be the best one to flip? I picked convertibles because winter summer is coming. All are offered on a relatively obscure site.

Exhibit A:
1992 Peugeot 205 convertible in Roland Garros trim. Good condition, new brakes, power roof, roof in as-new condition.
Upside: parts availability and parts prices, great chassis, luxury trim with power roof, 161k km, I own a 205 GTI so I know these somewhat.
Downside: base 1.4L engine. 1992, so too new to ship to 505turbeaux.

Exhibit B:
1990 Mazda MX-5. Mid 90s American import. Looks good in pictures. Unknown condition. 220k km.
Upside: RWD, the most sporty of the bunch.
Downside: parts. Unknown roof condition.


Exhibit C:
1985 VW Golf convertible. American import (in 1991).
Upside: new roof, tax friendly due to age, parts availability and price, not the base engine.
Downside: I’m guessing the driver seat is worn. Odometer and others not in metric. 147k miles.


Cars all come with a manual. Which would you choose to flip? Of these cars, which one looks the most expensive?


Best convertible to flip

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