I have had my cheapo harbor freight floor jack for far too long and abused it way too much to rely on it much anymore. Sure, the only purpose of the floor jack is to get the car up to put it on jack stands. But it would just be nice to have one that will probably not fall down and ruin my brake rotor or cause some other calamity before a stand gets in there. The Harbor freight $30 special has served me well but recently one of the jack wheels fell off and the jack toppled over. Surprisingly nothing went wrong and the wheel went back on but obviously I dont trust the thing anymore. It was scary as hell but a typical lesson in always use a jack stand if you are going under the car.

Anyways, my requirements are that the jack cost sub $100, be able to fit in the trunk of my Miata (preferably in the spare tire well) and not weigh a fuckton. I have had trouble finding “lightweight” floor jacks that werent also cheap pieces of junk. Being light/small and well-built do not need to be independent but usually are. I’d definitely be willing to expand my budget for a low profile one since the Miata is a bit low for the taller jacks, even at roughly an inch less than stock height. The only cars being worked on will be my ‘06 Sti, ‘01 Miata, and my girlfriend’s ‘05 Civic so nothing is heavy enough to warrant anything “heavy duty”.

I’d be willing to purchase two jacks, one to keep in the car and one to use solely at home if its really impossible to get a small decent one, but that would just be a pain.

This will probably be my go-to solution if nothing better comes up: