Floorlopnik - It's done!

Between last weekend and today, the hardwood installation is done. Last weekend wrapped up the living room and did most of the dining room.

I’m going to get new register covers, I’m thinking a satin black would look good

Today completed the hard part of the dining room (the last few rows where the nailer can’t be used) and the office closet, which completes all the flooring.

Dining room. The card table felt much less out of place when it was just plywood...
Closet. I have since re-hung the bi-fold door.

Even the t-molding between this and other floors is in place (no pictures sorry), which means it is totally done. I have some clean up (especially in the room downstairs that is the Saw Room) but it’s good to have this massive step out of the way, and to be able to take some time off from working on the house.

Next up will be baseboard, which I need to get stain for that matches the rest of the trim. I haven’t forgotten about the brick veneer for the fireplace, it’s just a bit lower priority since it’s one thing in one room, not so much a “most of the house” project.

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