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Florence Flood Cars

What are the odds that THIS is the cover image for a story on flooded cars left behind by Florence?

photo credit: getty images via
photo credit: getty images via

This was someone’s Pride and Joy, I can just tell. They kept it going all these years only to have it all end in tragedy. Then, the first paragraph is even weirder:

The first thing that hit Ashley Simpson when she opened her car door was the smell: a rotten, stale, mold smell, leftover from the sewage-contaminated floodwaters that engulfed her silver 2010 Chevrolet HHR Cruiser during Hurricane Florence.


[update: I realize now that an HHR is like a PT Cruiser. Weird, but not exclusively-old-man-weird. The SSR is the “truck” whose highest-mileage example has to be around 10,000. Carry on.]

A 2010 HHR?? How weird is that? Like, of all the thousands of anonymous crossovers and bloated CUVs, mediocre sedans, and of course pickup trucks, they found someone with an HHR. And there’s yet another twist:

The car was considered a total loss by her insurance company. She had just finished paying it off over the summer.


So this was her daily driver? Do you know anyone, have you ever heard of anyone daily-driving an HHR? I thought they were exclusively bought by middle-aged men and parked in their spotless garage next to their Harley. I guess I was wrong. I also cringe to imagine the terms of her loan that she’s just paying off a 2010 HHR eight years later.

[yes, I had the HHR and SSR backwards in my mind.]

I really do feel bad for her, of course, along with everyone else affected by this storm. I just thought this particular article had a few surprisingly Jalop things about it, and figured I’d share.


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