Florida Car Spots

I was in Florida all this week. Here’s the cool stuff I saw.

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First off, this lovely Kia Sportage Convertible. With VTEC!

Lamborghini Urus: 1 seen. I dub thee Big Chungus.

Maserati Levante: 2, one on the road, one at the rental garage

Civic Type R: 1 seen

Chevrolet Captiva: 1 seen, possibly the only one in the contiguous US

Mk3 Jetta: 1 seen, white, no working taillights... same

Suzuki Forenza: 1, these exist!

Ford Mustang GT350: like 20, they’re everywhere

Polaris Slingshot: a lot. Maybe 10 or so? A few had the weird canvas top on them.


Nissan 300zx 2+2: 1

Chevy SSR: 1

Pontiac G6 GTP: 1

Tacomas: more than I can count

Brotrucks: too many

Minitrucks: not enough, but more than none

A stanced as hell E36 M3 (sad!)

A G37 coupe and a 370z Nismo (with a Fairlady Z badge. Is this stock? Who cares, it looked cool) racing... on a crowded highway. Not exciting!


Fiat 500 Abarths! Good!

RC350: I only saw one. More people should buy these. My buddy has an RC F and it blows me away. They should make it in drop top.


A first-generation Honda CR-V, but with no rear diff. Maybe a FWD one with an AWD subframe? Weird.

An Isuzu Rodeo. Neat!

GT Cruiser- turbo power!

Geo Metro hatchback

Clean DSMs: way more than expected. Many more than expected, and most weren’t even drop tops.


11th Gen Thunderbirds: I never see them in Ohio, but I saw maybe 20 here. This is where they belong.

A Z4 Coupe. You rarely see these, but they’re wonderful

An Aircooled VW Bus. I don’t think I’d want to own one of these in a salty, humid environment where temperatures regularly crest into the 90s, but you do you, man.


A matte black Kia Amanti. I always liked the looks of these.

Hundreds of Harleys. I was in Daytona Beach during Bike Week. I saw just as many Goldwings. Their riders were easily differentiated from the Harley riders, as they wore polos instead of leather vests. Also, trikes.

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