Florida Logic: Road Work Rant

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As most all of you know, I live in Florida. Even better though is the fact that I live in a snowbird and retiree town. Come late October, thousands flock from the cold North to enjoy our 90 degree Novembers. Well, our local government was brilliant. They decided to start massive amounts of roadwork...today!


So, here’s the plan. The main route to get anywhere in the county is US-41. In this particular section its 4 lanes across. This was fine for many years. But, as more and more people started showing up, and now with more and more houses being built (over 10,000 in the next few years), we need more space. So, they planned on widening this stretch to 6 lanes across.

Two years ago, they “started” by using eminent domain and buying all sorts of roadside businesses. They were demolished rather quickly. Then these lots sat... no one knows why. But tons of cleared land sat undeveloped for two years.


Fast forward to now. Season is almost in full effect. Snowbirds are outnumbering locals. This road, the main route to the beach, is packed. So, when do they decide to start construction? Today.

Lanes will be closed. Speed limits have already been reduced by 10 MPH. Congestion will be unbelievable. All the local businesses will suffer. This isn’t scheduled to be finished until Spring of 2018...


Why not start over the Summer, out of season? I’m sure it was cheaper but this is a total nightmare waiting to happen. Florida really is a special place.

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