Florida woman....crazy and caught - Update

For those who aren’t following. Florida woman obsessed with Columbine flew to Colorado over the weekend and apparently bought some guns. She made enough credible threats that the entire Denver metro area closed all of its schools.

Even the daycare where I drop off my kids was on lock down. All the window shades down, no outside recess, lights very low, and you had to be personally let in. If the staff didn’t recognize you and your kids, tough luck. It did not make for a fun drop off.


It appears that she was caught at the base of Mt. Evans. Mt. Evans is over 14,000' high so base is a large area. It is also about 30 minutes west of Denver. Squaw Pass is one of my favorite roads to take the bike on.

You may now go back to your regular scheduled shitposting.

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Update: Caught may not be the best word. She apparently committed suicide. Don’t know if that was before or after the authorities found her.

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