I really want to go up in the air. My lust for a Learjet is still as strong as ever and the 1966 LearJet 24XR I want is still for sale.

Any Oppo know someone with an old LearJet that would wanna show me it? I have never seen one up close and it is a long shot, but figured if anyone would know someone.


Much slick, very fast


  • Normal Range: 1695 nm
  • Service Ceiling: 45000 ft


  • Rate of Climb: 6800 fpm
  • Max Speed: 473 kts
  • Normal Cruise: 418 kts

Power Plant

  • Engines: 2
  • Engine Mfg: General Electric
  • Engine Model: CJ610-6

Look at those beautiful guages


Man just think how fun it would be to camp out of this thing at OshKosh! You and a few friends being the verge of rich. I feel like it would be like roadtripping a Bentley Turbo R with some friends and camping along the way cause the car costs so much to, but you look money the whole time.

Plus 45k foot ceiling. I want to be that high up.

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