Flying Car Would Actually Be Useful About Now

After yesterday’s derailment, work crews from several different companies have arrived to begin clearing the toppled rail cars from the Port Authority’s tracks, a task that may take two more days.


Initially the Authority planned to run LRTs through the unused Allentown line, but this was quickly stopped due to concerns about vibrations from the removal process, as well as two incidents where machinery struck the still energized overhead lines.

There were no injuries, but out of an abundance of caution the lines were shut back down, so shuttle buses are the only way for riders to reach Downtown from South Hills Junction. Frustrated riders reported wait times of 30-120 minutes for shuttles.


Further exacerbating issues, the Wabash Tunnel, Smithfield Street Bridge, and East Carson Street are all closed indefinitely, and the Liberty and 10th Street Bridges, closest to the detours, are all restricted due to construction. Needless to say, morning rush-hour was bad, and evening rush will not be any better.

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