I'm traveling to Houston, Texas next week from Wisconsin for the release of GTAV. Only thing is, I bought a one-way plane ticket and I'm buying a car to drive back. Planning on flipping it to make some extra cash, pay for my plane ticket, and start saving some more cash to rebuild my 911's engine.


Houston, Texas. Texas stuff isn't exposed to salt, so cars practically live forever down there; increasing the competition and lowering the prices. There are tons of convertibles in Houston, especially miatas, that would be worth 2-3k more back in Wisconsin. So yeah, like always, the obvious choice is Miata. That is the DEFAULT car, if I can't find anything else.

Budget: $4k

So far I've thought of these cars:

  1. Honda CRX
  2. Honda Prelude (3rd or 4th gen)
  3. Any 1950s or 60s car that is decently drivable, yet desirable enough to sell fairly quickly
  4. C4 Corvettes, for some reason they are dirt cheap down there but still expensive up here (?)
  5. Benz Kompressor slk convert.

Have any ideas? Please let me know!