Flying to L.A. today for an interview

I was not going to take any interviews since I had kind of made my mind up to start my own PR firm but something came up that I couldn’t NOT see through to see where it goes. It’s a job leading a department for a not-SpaceX rocket company.

I’ve been jamming hard to The Raconteurs, so in celebration of it being Sunday and me going to pick up my Turo’d F-Type Coupe R - here’s some Sunday Driver. I really love this album (Help Us Stranger). It’s everything I’ve wanted from Jack White for the last 3 years.

Let’s take a drive

Let’s take our time

Paying no mind

To people behind

The road stretches wide

You’re close by my side

Let’s kill some time

Let’s go for a drive

It ain’t right, woo!

It ain’t wrong

It’s a fact

Sing my song


Here comes the Sunday driver

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