Flying to Mexico City will become a lot more expensive.

In yet another turn of events, the government offered another deal to the (still in construction but supposedly canceled) airport stakeholders. Said deal included raising landing fees at Mexico City airport to pay for their investment, limiting Toluca airport to five million passengers a year to make sure those extra fees keep aircraft going to Mexico City, and also not building an airport in a 70km radius because Fuck Consumers.

So, in the end, it seems like neither Texcoco nor Santa Lucia airport will be built. But there is a silver lining; by raising landing fees in Mexico City, airlines will be encouraged to find new airports to land; specially those that move cargo or smaller aircraft into Mexico City.


Which means airports outside the capital will be able to develop, and we might end up diversifying air traffic in the country...which is better than having one massive airport or two medium ones.

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